Individualized Plan

The last few years of market fluctuation have tested the patience of many investors and may have reshaped your views toward risk and expected return. Don't apply old assumptions. Instead, work with an advisor who will customize a plan using risk and return assumptions that match with your views. You need an advisor who sees the big picture. Sharing in your dreams and understanding what is important to you will not be taken for granted. Working with your other advisors is a natural process that incorporates your estate plan, your tax situation and other portfolios, assets, and liabilities that will influence investment decisions. 

Personalized Asset Allocation

You may want to be more aggressive or maybe more conservative. You may not need income from the portfolio or you may need current income to help with living expenses. Your asset allocation plan should seek to maximize returns based upon the amount of risk you are willing to take, along with your liquidity needs and your tax situation. Perhaps you have held on to some investments too long. Maybe your portfolio is out of balance. Our approach will examine your entire portfolio to determine what changes you should make to keep the same expected return while reducing risk or maintain the same level of risk while seeking better returns.

Equity Management

The goal of managing an equity portfolio is to understand the client's benchmark and what equity holdings are necessary to beat that benchmark without unwanted fluctuation. Equity assets are considered the primary growth vehicle in any portfolio. Some portfolios may be best served with a diversified mix of individual equity securities or a combination of separate accounts of individual securities. In other cases, using mutual funds or exchange traded funds may maximize diversification and efficiency. We seek to understand the macroeconomic factors influencing equity investments, the factors that drive certain sectors to move in and out of favor, and the factors that cause certain companies to make better investments than their peers.

Fixed Income Management

The goal of managing a fixed income portfolio is to provide stability and a source of income to the portfolio. Whether your tax situation prescribes a taxable or tax-exempt approach, we seek to build a portfolio of fixed income securities based around an interest rate assumption. Our approach is to seek short to intermediate maturity securities for the majority of the fixed income portfolio. Depending upon the client's unique needs, other fixed income strategies may be appropriate to seek a higher level of current income.

Alternative Asset Management

The goal of considering alternative assets is to provide positive returns that seek low correlation to equity and fixed income, especially in periods of negative returns and high volatility.  RCAI is open to consider a range of strategies that may fit the diversification goals of a given portfolio.